Find quick answers to common questions about moving.

Work time starts when movers arrive at the loading place and finishes when unloading or any additional tasks are completed. The hourly rate runs through loading, driving to a destination and unloading.

Yes. RelocateYou Moving charges a minimum of 2 hours of work. Exceptions will only apply to special case moves based on fixed price.

There is no additional fee for Travel Time (for moves within the greater Calgary Area). And there is no additional fee for Fuel.

No prepayment is required. We require all payment to be made before unloading our moving truck at your last drop off location. Payment can be provided to the leader of the crew. Invoice will be provided upon the request within 48 hours.

RelocateYou Moving accept cash, Credit (any type) or Debit Cards, and Interact email money transfers.

We provide 5% if you come from realtors.

Movers have all necessary equipment for safe transportation. We use moving blankets and shrink wrap. The wrapping supplies will be provided on company expenses. Blankets and pads must be returned to the company.

We can pack/unpack your items for no extra charge. But remember that time spent by our movers packing your items is billed according to our hourly rate. If everything packed to our arrival, you will save your time and money.

We are not providing customers with any type of boxes. All packaging materials (scotch tape, bubble and shrink wrap) will be provided on company expenses.

We are licensed, bonded and insured.

You need to contact us as soon as possible to arrange for a new move date.

Apartments building with no elevator – we do charge 25$ for each flight of stairs (approx. 15 stairs).

Appliances, heavy gym equipment, safes and content over 200 pounds are an extra charge of $50 per item for the entire day/move. Mechanical piano extra charge is $200. The extra charge for heavy items is for the carriers only.

Yes, we do. Our minimum rate for piano – $200. The cost depends on the size, weight and location of the piano.

No, we don’t.

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