Moving checklist 2023

Moving to a new home means starting a new stage in your life, so it is best to plan ahead. Don’t start with stress. If you approach it wisely – everything will go well and without problems. In this article, we will try to describe all the steps to make everything go smoothly.

First, you need to create a time frame. Our advice is to divide it into 5 time points:

1) 6 weeks before the day of moving

2) 3 weeks before the day of moving

3) 1 week before moving day

4) Moving day

6 weeks before the day of moving

What are the options and ways to move?:

Do everything yourself: You rent a truck, load everything yourself (or with friends) and go to a new place where you also unload yourself

Hire movers without a truck: You hire people for loading/unloading, but your transport

Hire a moving company: The truck, driver and movers are hired, and you can relax and trust everything to the professionals

You can contact RelocateYou –, and they will help you with the move.

Is it worth to transport all your belongings?

You need to decide on the things that are necessary, and which can be left, given or sold. First, this applies to furniture and appliances. Remember that you need to pay extra for heavy items (refrigerator, TV, cabinets, washing machines, etc.). Perhaps this is a good reason to save on transportation and just buy new things to your new home.

What exactly can you do with the old stuff?

You can donate them (write to Facebook groups and invite people to come and pick them up), arrange a garage sale, sell them online, or hand them over for recycling.

To get the best price and conditions, we should recruit for 6 weeks before moving. It is better not to postpone this until later, because all the movers will be busy, and the rates will rise.

Before you make a call, go through all the rooms and evaluate the scale of transportation. It is better to take a tape measure and measure all large-sized things so that they accurately pass through the door. If they need to be disassembled and assembled, it will also take time, and you need to take this into account when moving.

So that you can find out the most accurate cost of moving in advance, please provide all the details: date, time, distance between districts, floor, elevator availability and dimensions of things. So you can avoid surprises.

An option, when you rent a truck yourself, it is also worth doing this in advance, because you will face the same problem – it will be very difficult to find a free truck. You also need to understand what size truck you need to get all your things exactly fit.

3 weeks before the day of moving

Warn everyone about the new address

This is a good time to warn your friends, acquaintances, banks, public and private companies with which you cooperate that you will be living in a new place. For companies and banks, you should specify the exact address to which they can send important documents.

Choose and order furniture and appliances for your new place of residence

If you decide to sell all the old furniture, so as not to take them to a new place, you should order a new one in advance. Now many furniture stores carry out free home delivery, thanks to this you can save on transportation.

Make a placement plan

Make an approximate plan for the placement of equipment and furniture in a new place. This way you don’t have to drag large objects from one room to another several times.

1 week before moving day

At this stage, you can find or buy boxes for moving (cardboard or plastic), bubble wrap, paper, markers for signatures, tape, a knife and already start packing things

If you don’t know where to start or afraid of missing something, you can download our app for Android and iPhone with a moving checklist, and collect everything according to plan.

Remember about glass and fragile objects – they will be protected by paper or bubble wrap.

So you can pack all your things for a week, leaving only the most necessary ones for last. You should start with things that are not needed “here and now”: small appliances, books, toys. If you move in the summer – start with packing winter clothes and shoes, in winter – on the contrary.

Sign the boxes and label them with stickers on all sides – for example, ” Clothing. Bedroom”, or ” Glass. Kitchen”. So it will be easier and more understandable for movers and you when transferring and parsing things.

Prepare a new home

Before you arrive at the new house, put things in order there. You will have to clean up after that, but it will be very difficult to do it among the boxes and things.

Put cardboard or protective film on the floors. Door slopes should also be protected from damage by cardboard.

Check that all communications work: electricity and water. You can walk around the area to know where the nearest store and pharmacy are. This will greatly facilitate the first days in a new place.

The day before departure, it is also worth cleaning up, to leave behind a clean and tidy environment

When most things are already packed in boxes, this will be much easier to do. You may need to make minor repairs. Alternatively, you can hire a cleaning company that will help you with this and clean everything yourself.

Take care of children and pets

If you have small children and / or pets, consider moving them comfortably in advance. For them, there will be a lot of stress, and for you – extra worries and worries. Perhaps it is better to send the children to visit their grandparents, and ask them to look at their friends or a hotel for animals.

Collect the required minimum

Separately, collect a small bag or backpack with things that you will need on the day of moving: the necessary clothes and shoes, documents, phone charging, medicines, toiletries. You can make food for a snack, a bottle of water.

Moving day

If you have hired RelocateYou then you can just sit back and enjoy your vacation. Yes, it sounds a little strange, but that’s exactly what you hired them for. Don’t be afraid to talk if you don’t like something or want to do it differently. We will always listen and meet you halfway.

If you decide to move on your own, then you will have to sweat. At the very least, it will take you a whole day, but in order not to miss or forget anything, you can use our free app for your phone with a checklist.

After the move has taken place and all the things are in the new place, you will need a bag with the necessary things that you have collected in advance, because the forces at the end of the day may not remain, and you will want to continue everything tomorrow.

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