How much do movers in Calgary cost?

Moving is not an easy task as it may seem at first glance. You have to dedicate your precious time to preparation and to the moving process itself. But it’s the day X that takes the most effort – the day you have to load everything into the truck, arrive at your new home, and unload it. To make it easier on yourself, you can hire professional movers. But how do you know that you won’t overpay the movers in Calgary, Alberta? We’ll tell you all about it in our article.

What is the average cost of movers in Calgary 2023?

It all depends on the size of the place you’re moving from and the things you want to take with you.
If you are moving from an apartment (1-2 rooms), our advice is to get 2 movers. The cost of our 2 movers plus truck is 139 per hour. Approximate moving time will take 3-4 hours.
If you are moving from a house (2-4 rooms), then our advice is to take 3 movers. The cost of 3 of our movers plus a 26 foot truck is 189 per hour. The approximate moving time will take 5-8 hours.

Keep in mind that this is not the final price and it all depends on a variety of conditions, which we will list below.

Factors affecting the cost of movers in Calgary:
– Size of home
– Number of Muvers
– Beginning to end of month or middle of month
– Distance and length of move
– Extra service (moving things that weigh more than 200 pound, ladders)
And so let’s go in order. First 2 points.

The size of the house and the number of movers

These are the main points on which strongly depends on the final cost of muving in Calgary. If you live in an apartment building, you should book the elevator in advance for your move date. You don’t want to pay extra for each floor and stretch out your moving time, do you? Neither do we want to charge you extra money and make our job harder.

Month and Year Period

Moving costs also depend on when the move takes place. The beginning and end of the month are the busiest times for movers, so the rates are higher. But there is less work in the middle of the month, so they can drop significantly. Our advice is to plan your move for the middle of the month.
The time of year also has an effect on cost. If you are planning to move in the spring or summer, prepare and spend more than, for the same work in the fall or winter.

Distance and duration of the move

The time that will be spent on the move is also included in the final cost of the move. If it is a local muv within the city, then usually the trip will take no more than an hour. And the cost of that hour will be exactly the same as the cost of your movers. The most expensive moves are long distance moves.

Extra Service

Moving companies often offer extra service. These are services that are not part of the basic duties. For example, moving things heavier than 200 pounds (such as a piano or refrigerator). Many companies have an extra service difference. Somewhere packing and unpacking is included in the basic rate, and somewhere not.

How to reduce the cost of moving?

To reduce the cost of moving you simply need to reduce the time of the movers. To do this, you can pack all the things in boxes beforehand. And even move in advance to a new place, leaving only heavy things.

If you rent a tractor yourself, this will reduce the cost. Since movers without a truck cost less. For example, 2 movers without a truck is 99 an hour.

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